Do you ever pay attention to the way you word things? The vocabulary you choose can be interpreted in many ways with different affects on an individual. I strive to choose my words wisely with every interaction I have whether it’s through text, email or conversation. I’m a little silly and most of the time I choose to communicate that way with people I am comfortable with. I’ve never really paid attention to the different ways that people approach an interaction with me. As long as you are being amicable, then I accept your wording as is. I think someone complimenting me is a fine gesture – pretty and smart are great words but then I think of how beautiful and intelligent make me feel. I guess there is a difference and I never notice. You don’t notice that something could be better until you know what better looks like.

I was recently conversing with a friend that said they treat people better than they want to be treated, that’s what their mother taught them. What a way to approach life. They took something great and made it better. That sentence is what has got me thinking in a different way. We can’t just do the bare minimum and expect miracles to happen in our own lives. We get what we give. I was told recently that I was appreciated for who I am, not liked but appreciated. I had to let that sink in. We often take things at face value, I tend not to do that as I internalize everything but, I’ve allowed that to be a normal part of my interactions. For someone to ask how you are doing but not really care what your response is or if there is even one. When you’re paying attention, you notice when someone is genuine and not just greeting you with salutations and small talk because it is what’s expected. Aren’t you tired of only doing what’s expected of you? Of what society deems as appropriate. Take a look around. We are nowhere near perfection and there’s so much work to be done to better ourselves, but, it can start with us. We can take the time to choose our words wisely, to have real conversations, to make connections with people. We assume that everyone is told they are loved daily, that they are shown appreciation, met with a smile or had a positive interaction and while most do, there are some that don’t get that and a simple hello could make an entire difference in their world. How simple it is to great someone with a hello, to nod or smile their way to show that you noticed them, it doesn’t cost anything and it’s so very powerful.

I know that I am doing work on me, I know that I am moving in the right direction, I am a good cheerleader for myself but there are days that I feel unnoticed. That I am only seen by the people in my household. My family is dear to me but, we are social creatures by nature and we need interactions with different people to feel part of something bigger than ourselves. So, the other day when I was told that, “I see you, ” I honestly started to cry. It’s put me in a grateful mood. I am thankful for the people in my life and although we may not speak as often as we should or see each other, especially right now, I’ve got some good ones in my corner. I love when someone can get my brain going, when I can share an intelligent conversation, when my opinion is heard even when it differs from theirs and vice versa. For some reason, God has allowed multiple opportunities for these kind of connections recently and all it has done is sparked my interest for more. I have started joining the live zoom for one of the classes I am taking so that I can make sure I understand the material before I attempt the exam but also to hear what others have to say, to find out if they interpreted the information the same way as I did. My discussion boards have been the same way. I have been able to see the difference in the way the younger generation and I think and although I am not super old, what is important to me greatly differs from what’s important to them. I now understand how the generation before us felt when we were that age. We all think we can save the world and when the task becomes too daunting, we abandon ship instead of taking a breath, regrouping and realizing that if we ignite change in one person we could inspire them to do the same and as that continues to multiple throughout the years, it could eventually spark a wildfire and from your good deed towards one person changed the lives of many.

I am being seen in a new perspective from many people. It’s a little scary that I could disappoint them but, I can’t focus on that. I have to do this for me, I have to stay committed to what I am doing regardless of others thoughts and opinions. My perspective is not being influenced by these individuals. I am willing to look beyond myself in an order to progress further than even I had anticipated. I can see all the little changes I can make that will in turn have a huge impact on my life. I don’t want just a great life, I want a fantastic life. I don’t want to be a good mom and wife, I want to be the best for my children and husband. Tweaking one word can change everything. Oh the possibilities….

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