I have just made plans to do something so out of the ordinary for me. I’ve had an interesting day to say the least and instead of being sad about it like some petty ass people might hope, I decided to throw caution to the wind and do something for me. I am so beyond excited, almost two decades in the making and I’m finally going to do it. Again, signs come in all forms and today they were in the form of tattletales. But, it worked in my favor because I’m doing for me and it’s all good. Making lemonade out of lemons (sour little suckers. Haha!

So, ya, that little bucket list type decision… can’t share it because it’s all for me! But, it inspired me to make a few other moves today, to be open to possibilities. Not be bogged down by what I envision for my life. In my wildest dreams I would never have thought I would have spent the last few years the way I did, and here I am, better for it. I can’t stop smiling. I feel invigorated. No matter what has come my way, I have stayed the course, I have not lowered myself or how I carry myself for anything. I do not have to attack others or put them down to feel better about myself. I don’t have to cause issues between two people to make myself feel good. I think that is a cry for help… someone needs to look inside themselves and do some soul searching. I will never have to put someone down to elevate myself. Well, I used to put myself down but that only slammed me further into the ground. I’m over that now and on to all the wonderful things life has in store for me. You know, you learn a lot about a person when there are no strings attached… when they aren’t obligated to you in any way. You see their true colors. I’ve been learning so much about people recently.

I am super behind on school stuff and have some other things I have to get taken care of this week so, some long nights ahead of me. I promise to keep posting, especially if this amazing mood keeps up. Things are coming together my friends, my efforts are being rewarded and I couldn’t be happier. I just got an interesting job opportunity and other prospects, I thought I tanked my last assignment for Communications and instead my professor was impressed by my paper and gave me full credit, I am trucking along. God gives us what we need, not what we want. He provides the way but it’s our responsibility to walk through the door. I’ve been standing in limbo with no guarantees. Say what? I mean, I don’t need guarantees, I believe God will provide but, I know better than to wait on anyone but myself. I have to remember to take care of me.

I saw something on Instagram that says, “If you pay attention to the patterns of your life you’ll realize everything always works out. Everything always takes you to a greater destination. You always grow and the things you think you can’t survive you somehow divinely make it through. That’s life. Always remember that.”

Everything always happens the way it is supposed to, no matter what I do to interfere. In the end, when the smoke has cleared, I’ve always been thankful for how things transpired. Even though I am still waiting for the smoke to clear, I am positive about my future. About what life has in store for me All I know is I’ve dealt with naysayers my whole life and what they don’t understand is no one could break me worse than myself and I’ve just finished overcoming that so, I’m not worried about anything else. I am right with God. This too shall pass. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got someone waiting on me and some homework to do.

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