Distractions seem to be everywhere and want to steer me clear of what I am supposed to be focusing on. I have to work diligently to stay the course. Today the distractions were overwhelming but necessary. My Nana needed me to take her to an appointment because she was nervous to go by herself. I would never tell her no, she does too much for us. I drove her and then a malfunction lamp turned on in my car. Oh my goodness, I got to wait out in my hot car with the windows rolled down for a couple of hours until she was finished. It wasn’t fun but, I made it through and let’s hope I hear good news from the dealership tomorrow. I wasn’t able to focus on my schoolwork like I thought I was going to. Everything happens for a reason and I am just glad I was able to be there for my Nana. It makes me feel good that she knows she can count on me as we’ve always been able to count on her.

Working off of four hours sleep and a hot stressful day I am not having any better luck getting on task like I should be. This is when it’s easy to let all the distractions get the best of me and give in, that’s what I would used to do. The new me though, I am taking a movie break to cuddle with my kid and scratch his back and rally so that I can get down to business. I have lots of reading ahead of me and probably another long night. But, in order to break bad habits, I have to face them head on and burst right past them. Oh my goodness, I am even having difficulty writing this.

Tonight I am finding myself a little too tired and distracted to even write this post. I know that I might have not been able to do everything I intended to today but, I got to spend time with my Nana and that makes today a wonderful day! Some days distractions are the best things in the world. I had a lot of time to talk to God and to think about what’s going on in my life. I feel I am being tested in different areas in my life and maybe I needed that time to give in. Life is meant to be lived and part of that is going through the day by day.

I don’t have anything insightful to say. I am looking forward to a peaceful nights rest or maybe I’ll catch my second wind and get to reading. Either way, it’s exactly what I was meant to be doing. Are there distractions in your life? Are they elevating you or keeping you from what you are meant to be doing? Sometimes you need to give in…. can’t be all work and no play. I have so much work to do the rest of the week and that’s okay. I was there for my Nana, we talked about so many things, I absolutely adore her. So, distractions won today. With that I am going to say goodnight. I am happy, hopeful and super sleepy.

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