In the Waiting Room

I love Joel Osteen, he is such a smart man and he always knows what to say at the right time. As you know, I am feeling very good, having come into my own and accepting where I am in my journey. I do have brief moments of doubt that I work to quickly brush away but, since I know what’s for me, although my patience has increased exponentially, I still have been in a hurry to have everything I know is coming to me.

I watched a little video on Instagram this evening where Joel is talking about having patience. That when wee know something to be true, when we know what God put in our heart, we have to wait and when we don’t see anything changing, then we are the ones being changed. That even though we feel we are prepared, there is something inside of ourselves, some work that still needs to be done to be fully prepared the way He wants us to be. He referenced working out and said that the weights he uses never changes, the only thing that does his him. As he continues to use the weights, he gets stronger and then using the weights becomes easier. When we are in this time that we can’t see change, we are in the waiting room, we are encouraged to do the work so that when the time does come, we will be ready.

This is where I am at. I know I am not fully ready for what I want but, that doesn’t stop me from wanting it. Wanting it and being at a place to be who I need to be, to do what I need to do are two different things. I have to continue to give it to God. I have asked for things in the past and when he delivers, I go back to my nightly prayers and that’s the only conversations we have. Now, I talk to Him all day every day. Any alone time I get, instead of berating myself, I give thanks to Him and just talk about anything and everything. I am blessed to have that time with Him and don’t ever plan on stopping. Again, I had to be where I am right now to understand this and appreciate it. I want a daily relationship with God on the good day and the bad days and every day in between. That’s how I am able to focus on my short term goals because I’m putting in the effort for Him to manage the long term goals. I may not see much change right now but that’s because I am the one changing. He is still working on me and preparing me for what’s to come.

Joel said that if God gives us something easily we don’t usually learn what it is he needed us to learn. We have to grow through it all and we don’t grow when things are good and easy, we grow through the struggle, through the pain, it takes work to make it work. I am still full of faith and peace. I can’t see where I am headed, I don’t understand why I’m not where I want to be but, I know that everything is in God’s perfect timing and not mine. He has shown me that when I give in, it allows Him to work freely in my favor. I am whole, I am a complete person and He’s to thank. So, I will continue to have patience and grow through the lessons that He has planned for me so that when everything is revealed, I will be able to sustain and maintain the things that He has been working so hard to line up for me. I won’t repeat mistakes I’ve made in the past. I have come to far to go back now. I’m in the waiting room, waiting for my number to be called. Believe to receive it!

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