Social Media

I was reading and learning about Civil Rights and Civil Liberties for class. It touched on the topic of surveillance and if it was good or bad. I was torn between waning my rights and liberties protected and yet, if we can prevent something bad from happening, we should. I couldn’t choose a side.

So, as I’m finishing up my work for that class, I am sitting here thinking about Social Media and what an impact it has on all of us. What’s our reasoning for using it? We engage in social media to stay in touch with people right? So we can share what’s happening in our world and the can do the same. Sounds good right?

When we are happily living vicariously through others or liking a post of someone we haven’t seen in 10 years and then we were only ever acquaintances, we are ignoring the people that really matter. I can tell you that engaging in a conversation with your child, while you can’t “like” it, your attention, encouragement and interaction will go so much further than a like for someone you know. Don’t get me wrong, some people need it and we’ve come accustom to needing social media but, don’t allow it to replace the people in your life.

I’ve been so busy with schoolwork for me and Miah and just doing other things, I haven’t been on much. I think I’ve spent a total of 10 minutes on TikTok today and even less on Facebook and Instagram. But, I had a great conversation with my boy, I helped him with an assignment, I made lunch and dinner and the satisfaction from that is more than anything I can get from my phone.

People use social media to cheat. It makes it way too easy to be unfaithful these days with people posting inappropriate photos and then the ability for you to comment or send a private message. I don’t use social media for that. I use it to keep in touch with the family I only see at Christmas and now my friends due to social distancing. I get messages from people all the time and I don’t even dignify them with a response. Nowhere does it say or do I show that I’m on a platform for that reason. So again, another way for those people that already have a hard time staying committed or have the habit of running away, now it’s easier to stray. Easy for someone that doesn’t know you to tell you how wonderful you are and your girl ain’t shit. If you were their man…blah, blah, blah. Weak minded individuals go for low hanging fruit. Social Media is their playground. I think it’s funny.

Social Media is not going anywhere so we need to decide what impact we are going to low it to have on our lives. If we are going to let it play a major role or just be a nice distraction every once in a while. Life for me is changing, I’m feel more restless and know something is coming my way. I’m not looking to social media to fill gaps for me. I’m choosing to move present in my life and make it be a story worth sharing with those I love. I’m paying attention to who and what matters to me.

I am all over the place tonight. I have mixed emotions on social media. I don’t plan on giving it up but, it’s refreshing to know I’m good without it. I’m working on making memories instead of liking other people’s. The time I’m banking with my family, quality over quantity…always. I don’t need to record or share it for it to have meaning and purpose. Being in the moment and making the memories…that’s what it’s about.

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