Accept the Sunshine!

We choose our attitude, we choose what kind of day we have. When people around you are negative and have that dark rain cloud over them, it’s very easy for them to pull you in and share that yucky rain cloud. Don’t fall for it. Just say no to those bad vibes and let the sun shine down on you! Good vibes and happy thoughts are easy to find…if you want to.

As a once self proclaimed Sadness, I now deem myself Joy and actively choose to radiate goodness regardless of what comes my way. By doing so, I’m able to share the sunshine instead of being dragged under a dark rain cloud. I love rain but only if it washes away the bad and leaves a renewing rainbow with it. I’m getting to be a natural at stopping bad from coming my way and vocalizing my disinterest in taking part of anything counterproductive.

More and more things are clicking into place and making sense and there are a few elusive things that just baffle me. I’m doing my best to wade through my thoughts and feelings, acknowledging and understanding what’s at the forefront of my mind.

I’m looking forward to this weekend and the paper I have to write for class. I have to write about the soundtrack of my life by choosing ten songs that explain me and then a paragraph as to how. I have some songs that were a no brainer but, narrowing it down to which ten and why is going to be challenging. It can’t be songs I like, well, at least that’s how I’m looking at it. These songs need to speak as to who I am and how I got here. Be it about my personality or experiences that shaped my life. I think this will be the best thing I’ve ever done and I promise to share it with you. So…. make sure to check back on Sunday or maybe Monday!

Today is my favorite and worst day of the week. With how I’ve been feeling lately, I made sure to keep myself extra busy and distracted. I’ve made it to the end of the day and I’m still in one piece.

I was indoors all day doing schoolwork and cleaning and I was surrounded by sunshine. God would not let me take in a dark rain cloud. I think that’s a sign that I’m on the right path. I feel an unexplainable strength inside me. Not one creating out of hurt and anger, rather all the courageous things I am doing, it’s like every step out of my comfort zone is another weight on the barbell that I can lift. I think I can’t and God calls my bluff. I am blessed to be guided by Him, knowing that He will never give up on me.

May you be able to turn away the dark rain clouds when they come your way. I pray you have the strength to find the sunshine in the dark. This life isn’t easy, but, its always worth it. Remember your why… and reach for the sky!

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