Preparation Equals Less Frustration

Did you read the title? Read it again for good measure! Haha!

I think this goes with everything. Now, I go overboard and think of all the negative outcomes of a situation and sometimes get blamed for only coming up with problems and not solutions or being called a neg ball. Well, if I am going into battle or rob a bank, wouldn’t you want to know all the ways to escape or that someone could come at you? It’s not all sunshine and fairytales where someone is going to come at you to stop you and say, oh, it’s you. Go ahead….

But, then there are the worst times when I go into something blindly…. like grocery shopping. To make matters worse, I usually go in starving and buy a whole bunch of snacks. Today we had a plan for the day, school, haircut for my boy….he’s looking so fresh and so clean and SO MUCH OLDER. 😭. I had to go to the bank and get the car washed and then…. grocery shopping. I had a list. We’ve been working on one the last few days.

Stephie even went a step further and looked up some recipes. I know, who am I and what did I do with me? Um… I’ve been trying to cook as much as possible. Which means we’ve been having lots of what I am used to with a few tricks up my sleeve last week. I decided to get a bit braver this week since the risks I took actually worked. I had to get items on my list and a things to make the meals. Other than that, we were hot and wanted to come home. No crazy extras in the cart this time!

Grocery shopping frustrates me. I’m not the best cook so, I can’t just go and put a meal together in my head. I don’t understand what works together and doesn’t. I want to learn but, never wanted to mess up food to experiment. Now, I’ve figured out, if I have an idea, I can run it by the fam and get their opinion. It seems to be working. I’m trying two new things this week, both with the slow cooker since I used the oven and stove for everything last week. I need to work my way up to soups since cold weather is coming.

I know this might seem like a boring post. I didn’t go to bed until 4am and then had to be up with the boy for school at 8am. I’m not delirious though. Just thinking a lot. Preparing for the store, looking up recipes was kind of fun. I think I may have to start a recipe book so I don’t have to keep using my phone. Maybe one day I’ll get good enough that I can mix a little of this with a splash of that. If not, my culinary student is learning more and more every day. He will be taking over in the kitchen at least one night a week.

So, what could you prepare for to make life easier on you? I do a very good job of preparing myself for my classes, I write excellent notes for my quizzes and have no problem reading and re-reading parts of a chapter if necessary. There’s no frustration because I have a solid plan. My bills, I’ve started writing out a monthly budget planner so I know when my bills will come out and how much I need to save and what I’ve got to spend. Gone are the days of playing it by ear and riding the overdraft train. No more dreading the overdraft texts from my bank.

I prepare myself mentally for each day. Thank God and ask Him to guide me throughout the day. I mentally prepare for what I know I have to do and remember that I can get through anything that may come my way. I just have to know that everything happens for an reason and I am being divinely guided. I’m too blessed to be Chicken Little and honestly, I don’t have time for it.

So, I guess my advice is to be prepared and you won’t feel so frustrated. Leave room for the hiccups that happen daily but, do your homework. Investing time into yourself, into being efficient and working smarter not harder is one of the best things you can do. I am busy but, I’m not too busy to be who I need to be for myself. There’s no one else on this team so, I’ve got to wear all the hats.

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