Change of Outlook

When I was younger, I was a proud feminist. I planned to work and have my husband stay at home with our kids. I wanted to be President of the United States or the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. I knew God created me for a reason and I was determined to live out my purpose. I was going to shine.

As you know if you’ve followed my blog, life hasn’t been so simple for me and I lost sight of all that, desperately trying to be that person until I had my son. Then it came to me that maybe he was my purpose and I had already fulfilled it. I am supposed to raise a good man that will make a difference in this world. That’s fine with me. I accepted that.

Then I met a man that made me feel alive. A man that made me the woman to his man, that made me want to be wifey. I wanted to be married and have babies and be the wind underneath his wings. He introduced me to E.T. the Hip Hop Preacher.  If you don’t know about this man, look him up. I promise, you will not be disappointed. When he talks, I feel as if he is speaking directly to me. He doesn’t sugarcoat things, this man has been through so much and still digs down deep to accomplish his goals. He inspires me in a way I had never been inspired before. There’s no glitz or glam, he is humble and filled with humility. He’s raw and honest and real.

E.T. showed me that I could be in my man’s corner, rooting him on and still be living my best life. I could be satisfied living that life, being one half of a marriage, a partnership. I didn’t need the spotlight, I just needed to be part of the team. I am so thankful that I was introduced to this incredible speaker. When I want to give up,  I listen to him and he keeps me motivated.

It amazes me when you can see the cycle of something. When you can pinpoint the differences and know what caused the change. I was happy taking a backseat to my Honey. I felt it was my calling. Now though, I am working on what’s next for me. I know I don’t want to be POTUS or on the Supreme Court. I am still fully okay that my raising Miah may have a positive impact on our future. I have not given up on being support to my man… well, if and when that happens. I have learned through this though, I don’t have to be just one. I ca  raise a morally conscious son, I can support my husband and be his rock while he conquers the world and I can still reach for the stars. I dont have to choose.

E.T. has a doctorate,  he is a preacher, he is a motivational speaker, you can’t put him in a box. So, Stephie doesn’t need to be in one either. No one puts Baby in the corner! I’m learning that the only limitations I have on my life are the ones I have given myself. What a disservice. I am actually looking forward to breaking barriers and proving to myself that I am so much more than I thought. I’m a multitasker, I’m a fighter, I’m an overcomer. When I want to succeed as bad as I want to breathe, that’s when I’ll be successful! There are other things I want even more. Game face on. Stop whining, start grinding. Let’s go!

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