Grateful Heart

Tonight, I sit here very thankful for all that is good in my life. My assignments for school really have me thinking about life. I had to do a fast from media and I have more of an appreciation for being unplugged. I want to do that more often, I need to get out into nature. The weather is cooling and I’ve been talking about camping for so long, I may just have to take a leap and do it.

The thought of not using your phone, watching television or even listening to the radio is crazy but, all of those things distract us from paying attention to the people in our lives. I love my family more than electronics, I rather make memories than watch what ones that others made. Why sit on the sidelines when you can be on the field doing? I am so lucky that I could interview my 82 year old Nana for my Communications class and I’m able to help Miah with his math homework. I mean, I hate math but now, you give me two points or one point and the slope and I can solve y=mx+b in reduced form. I’m living in the moment.

As Fall approaches and some big big big days come up for me, there are days where I’m probably going to be crying so much that I won’t be able to post on here. I’m hoping that there are days ahead of me that I’ll be so immersed in something new and exciting that I won’t be able to get on here either. I am going to be an Auntie again in November and I’ll finish .y first semester back at school in December. These next few months will be the hardest of my life and if I can make it through, I know that I will be able to withstand anything that attempts to break me.

I don’t have much to offer God or anyone else, not anything of monetary value. I give of myself, who I am, my loyalty, my respect, my passion and my love. I am very grateful that I’m not blinded by false things that I am not motivated by money or things. I am blessed for the lessons I am learning.

Looking at my son tonight, 15 years after he was born and I am still in awe that I created him. My body held and nurtured that boy. I love every inch of him. His smile makes me so happy and the way he says momma. Hearing him tell me and moreso when he tells his friends how proud of me he is… I can’t explain the strength it gives me. I wish so much more for his life and I’ll work my ass of to make sure he doesn’t have to struggle like I have. Knowing that he willingly chooses me, it’s more than I could ask for. I am loved… my babies love me.

I got through my second week of school. Procrastinated more than I should have but, lessons come in all forms. Things are linking together just as they should. I am open to what the universe is providing for me and so very thankful for my life. When I’m happy, happy things are attracted to me. I need some more things attracted to me… haha, but, that’s for another day. Goodnight my friends, may you have a blessed evening. Love you, bye!

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