A Shift of Change

Tomorrow there is supposed to be a big shift and people transitioning from the 3d to 5d. I don’t quite understand it but, it’s said to bring lots of change. We are to manifest tonight to lock it in. I keep wondering what that means for me, if anything. More importantly what it is I want.

I thought I knew exactly what that was but, things change, people change and I’m not so sure. My head and my heart are not on the same page. All I can do is follow my intuition. I know what matters the most to me, I know what makes my heart happy and my soul sing so, I am going with that.

I’ve been so afraid of change, running from it, trying to keep things the same. They haven’t been the same for a while. I had my whole life turned upside down and was left to figure it out on my own. More new things are just around the corner and I refuse to not take a chance because I’ve been burned before. These little of mine, they give me the strength to do what’s got to be done. I love that Miah is so proud of me.

I honestly don’t know what tomorrow holds but, I am ready to transcend, if God feels it’s time, I’m ready to emerge from my cocoon, I may even be ready for more. I am scared but, I’ve learned to bet on me and let it ride. I don’t need to convince people to believe in me because I believe in me. I read something that said she lost someone that didn’t care but, you lost someone that did. You’re the one missing out, not her. That hit home. So many have walked out of my life and made me feel like I was the one missing out…. I’m something special. They know it and now I know it. God broke the mold with me. I thank the heavens for those that know who I am, who love me flaws and all. I am ready for whatever tomorrow brings, even if it’s just another day.

Today I found out that a lady in worked with has been diagnosed with Covid 19. She is in the ICU, on a ventilator, intubated and sedated. My heart sinks just thinking about it. She has a husband and three children. She hasn’t had the easiest life but, she always does her best to be the best woman she can. Her family’s world would not be the same without her. I pray she recovers.

It got me thinking about my life and who is in it and who is missing. Who I have as my emergency contact, who I would call if something was wrong, whose voice I would want to hear if I could only make one call… because Miah never answers. I can hear that song… if the world is ending you’d come over right? Who in this world would choose me? God… someone would, I hope.

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