Affirmations to Reality…say what?

Haha! Today was one for the books. It was the first day of school and oh my goodness…. technology failed us. It’s cool though, this momma handled it like a boss! My boy was able to login to e.v.e.r.y. single one of his classes. Yup, that’s right! He was on the phone trying to help friends to do the same but, I had it covered on our end. No stressing out, no bad attitudes, just doing the damn thing!

We got up early and showered, we went to grab breakfast before school started and took our annual first day of school pictures. Last year I missed out because I was in the hospital but, ya, we will skip that! I mean, it was a long but successful day. I’m proud of my boy! Speaking of that, as of next week, there will be two college students in this house!! I am so pumped! That’s right!! My sophmore in high school will be dual enrolled in college, getting college credit for the Culinary Program he is in. Making moves… feeling those winds of change. Covid needs to be over so we can find out if he can get a job somewhere, he’s ready! Haha!

Along with that, I got some pretty great news as well! If all goes to plan, Miah might have a great way to get his feet wet with some philanthropic work. I mean, this whole believing even when you have no idea how it’s going to come to fruition thing, there is power in that. You just have to believe no matter what. Blind faith! God is asking for the hardest thing, blind faith, but, when we can do it, we get rewarded handsomely. I had a few things come my way today and everything was gooooooood! Either way the wind blows us, there is an opportunity for me to seize. As for me and mine, we are blessed beyond measure.

I am riding on such a high today, feeling very accomplished. I’ve been watching a cheesy dance show lately and I’m ready to figure a way for that to re-enter my life. Maybe even coach guard but, I can’t get ahead of myself. I’m happy if you couldn’t tell. We heard from a special someone and my heart is happy right now. There are some people that you just can’t live without and no matter the time that passes, you can pick up right where you left off. Those relationships are very important. Our life, it’s moving in the right direction, we are so loved and even more blessed. We are grateful for everything that is happening in our lives and what’s soon to come.

I don’t know what else to say. Just know I have the biggest smile on my face…cheesing from ear to ear. My heart is full and my soul is satisfied. I am staying the course. No wave no matter how big will ever make me doubt what I know in my heart. Affirmations do work! Believing in me is working out. I am so worth it and God is proving it every day. Anyways, I hope your day was spectacular as well. May you have a goodnight and sweet dreams because tomorrow is a new day with endless possibilities, we have to be ready! Xoxo

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