Less is More

We’ve all heard less is more at one time or another and more often than not, I bet we are thinking no, more is more. Now, that is true. More money is more money and more cake is more cake but, the less you cook a steak, the more juicy it is and then the reverse where the less you smoke, the more healthy you are. It all depends on what we are talking about, the situation and other factors that play into it.

So of course, the more is more lifestyle is the one I’ve been living. I hold onto things for far too long because I worked hard for it so, I’ll keep it. Obviously the more food the better with my fat booty. Like Veruca Salt, I want it all daddy! What a foolish girl, both of us. Puff Daddy or whatever he goes by now sang of More Money, Mo Problems when I was younger. More, more, more. That’s what we are taught right? Keeping up with the Jones’? Ain’t that a bunch of bs?!

In these last few days I have felt happier, more confident in myself and the future. At times I feel a bit boring and like things aren’t happening fast enough. That’s where the less is more comes into play. The less I attempt to control the situation, the less I stress over it, the more God is able to do in my life. It feels like nothing is happening but, the universe isn’t work on my behalf. I am able to sit back and enjoy my life knowing that as long as I have faith, I am golden. Be about it.

My mind hasn’t been racing, I haven’t shed a tear or worried about anything. I know that what’s meant for me will find a way and thankfully, what’s not, will fade away. I don’t have to do a thing. It will all happen on it’s own. I have received so much love and attention lately, as much as I have given and it feels good. Happy people live happy lives.

Finally I heard about my boy’s school, it starts next week. Ah… I can’t believe I’m going to have a Sophmore in High School. We’ve been talking about driving and jobs and a lot of other things. I’m not avoiding tough conversations and we are finding our way through them. These last few months took a toll on him as well. I carry all the blame for it but, he’s a good kid and he loves his momma all the same. Again, when I stop trying to control the situation and just let things happen the way they are meant to, everything turns out better.

Less is more people. Less fighting, less stressing, less controlling. Right now, this is allowing me to live more, love more, be more free to enjoy the day to day. I love the little things and I have time for them now. I like praying and talking to God. I like being able to complete a thought or get lost down the rabbit hole in a conversation and not be rushed for time or be stuck in my own head. Just gotta exhale.

I am thankful, grateful and blessed for this life, for my people and the opportunity to start each day anew. I am proud of the woman I am. I was born to fly…

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