I Saw The Sign!

Okay, so, yesterday I told you about happy dreams, happy thoughts, happy life. Last night I said my prayers with such peace, so fulfilled that I got the best rest I’ve had in a while. I didn’t have bad dreams, I didn’t toss and turn, I had dreams but, nothing that caused my mind to race all night. I am so very thankful.

I remained in that state of being grateful all day. Of course, my mind working overtime to figure out how to get where I want to go with the obstacles that have been placed in front of me. All day I kept repeating my little happy mantra and I know that contributed to the good vibes. Maybe my mind is finally in its happy place?

I had to go into town this evening really quickly and on the way home, I saw a sign that was meant for me! Haha, you ask God for a sign to let you know that you’re intuition is right and all that you’ve felt is for you really is . Well, I was sent a literal sign! There is a billboard that has a pink background and says Choose Happy! Huge letters, that’s all the billboard says. I saw it and told Jeremiah, that sign is for me! He looked at my silly but, my heart skipped a beat, it swelled. When you know, you know.

All of the tarot things on TikTok today have been for air signs. They have been saying the same things and I will take the readings as guides for the way my life is heading. I’ve been dreaming big and started to get discouraged because things weren’t happening. That’s really not the case though. It’s just starting small. Say you were a magician, you’d have to learn a small spell before you can master a huge one. Just like with everything else, I have to start small. I have small victories and some are getting bigger. So, instead of being discouraged, I have to remain faithful that all if these little prayers that are being answered will soon turn into larger ones as long as I stay the course. You can’t lose 10 lbs without first losing 1 lbs. I can’t save $10,000 without first saving $100. I thank God for the small victories, I acknowledge that the victories are increasing in size and meaning, I accept the process.

The signs are everywhere if we just pay attention. If you ask, you shall receive. First came the happy dreams, happy thoughts, happy life and today the Choose Happy billboard on the freeway. God, you’ve got my attention. I’m following Your lead. Im ready for my next lesson.

For everyone reading this, I wish you happiness – in your thoughts, your dreams, your life. Choose Happy because at the end of the day, it’s your choice. Do what you love, be with who you love, love yourself… listen to your heart, no one else needs to understand why you do what’s best for you, only you!

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