Full Steam Ahead

The Stephie train is chug, chug, chugging along and picking up momentum. Living and growing from a place of thanks and abundance, it changes everything. I have not allowed negativity to penetrate my borders and it’s making such a difference. Having the ability and mental stability to choose what I let in, what I let affect me, it is truly a game changer.

I made some moves today, wrote emails, spoke to people, did research and I am well on my way. Let me tell you, being proactive instead of burying my head in the sand… it sure is satisfying. I have to wait a few days to take the next steps on the things I set in motion but, that’s okay. It allows me time to study up some more to make more knowledgable decisions. I am so proud of myself for doing something I’ve wanted for so long and kept making excuses not to.

I keep being reminded that my manifestations are being worked out and I have to continue to have faith and patience. I was honestly doubting if it was true because so many things were going to have to align to check items off my list. I didn’t give up hope or prayers and I still don’t know how or when it will happen but, I’ve been given the green light to move forward. I am so excited, I can’t even explain. When they say that God can move mountains, they are not lying. I think this is the acknowledgement I needed to keep manifesting about other dreams as well.

All in all, I am receiving confirmations that this path I’m in is meant for me. I have the support from my family. Everyone I spoke to today was so helpful and willing to do what they could to move me forward in my endeavors. I’ve found my voice, I am able to clearly communicate and no longer stumble to find the words. This time I’ve spent on my growth, it’s paying off. I can’t wait for my situation to change. I know it will and soon, I have to continue to have faith and patience.

Now that some of my irons are in the fire so to speak, I’m ready to come up with more things to add to the list of what I want to be happy. I’m still losing weight but need to push harder to incorporate exercise. I think I want to get into dancing but, um, everything is shutting down again. I may have to get creative with this one. Good thing is my brain is working again so, so many ideas are racing through my head… in a good way though. I read a book today and so now I have to find another one to start. I want to get more into meditation. I have trouble clearing my mind, hard to believe right? Haha. I’m thinking of trying yoga too. The tension I carry on my left side, especially my left shoulder and neck is just too much. I like little victories and want to find things I am truly interested in. I don’t want to do something just to cross it off a list.

My dreams have become very vivid as of late. Usually I don’t dream and if I do, I can’t remember them. I had a dream the other night that made .e wake up crying happy tears. I’ve had a dream since I was little and I could see the person but never the face. It wasn’t even scary, it wasn’t there. I used to have the same kind of no face dream about my father, that ended when I finally saw a picture of him. The dream I had the other day, I haven’t had it in a while. This time, there was a face!!! It’s crazy because I read or saw something recently actually that said that the only people in your dreams are people you’ve seen before. You have to have seen a face in order for it to appear in your dreams. I thought that was interesting. I don’t know why now, but, the dream I’ve had since I was a little girl, the one face missing was finally there. As I said, I was so happy I woke up crying. Hopefully I’ll have the dream again because it was a good one.

Anyways, I’m remaining positive and keeping the faith. I know I can only control myself, but, for me, that’s a big task. I love myself a little more each day and I love my little family so much my heart could burst. My heart is happy, my soul is at peace and dreams are bigger than ever. God is good all of the time, I’m still a work in progress.

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