So Grateful

Lately, I am consumed with gratitude. I wake up thankful for another day. It is the absolute opposite of when I used to dread my alarm going off. I’m still not used to it and that’s okay because it’s a wonderful feeling. I feel a sense of gratitude throughout the entire day. My heart feels tingly and I’m constantly talking to God, thanking him for one thing or another. When doubts try to flood my mind, I close my eyes and focus on the good, on the things that are right in my life and I can push those thoughts out of my head.

I wish there was an easy way to do this. That being happy and grateful and manifesting everything you wanted was a one time thing like a wish and it is always with you. Bit, this is a change in lifestyle and for a woman that finds shelter in hiding and allow the bad to overtake her, it’s a real change, something I have to consciously do every second. I pray for the day that it all becomes natural to me. I don’t ever want to lose this grateful attitude though, it makes such a difference in how I see and react to things.

I understand the power of the energy around you and have to remind those that I’m around that only positive vibes are allowed. Negative thoughts bring negative things and I don’t have time for that. I’ve wasted too much time just accepting what comes my way, I refuse to do it anymore. I don’t want any part of anything being said or done that is bad vibes, keep that nonsense away from me. Again, it’s not easy but, this is what I need to live the life I deserve.

God keeps telling me to be patient. I’m not a patient person but I’m learning. Trying new things to receive different results. Feeling good helps to keep moving forward. I am exuding love, love for myself. I think I am on the right path to finding Stephie. I love who I see staring back at me in the mirror. I’ve come so far.

This next week is going to be a big one for me. I’m interested to see what is in store for me and how I’ll react to whatever comes my way. Good things are happening for me even if I don’t know exactly what they are at the moment. I just know my time is coming quickly.

Please, have a great night and I’ll do the same (I’m cuddling with my princess).

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