I was in a great mood almost all day today and I am going to make sure that I end my day that way as well. I got up and got ready, fixed myself up, just feeling good and it showed. Along with Jeremiah and Raiyhn, I was off to run my errands. Like I said, I was on a high, just overwhelmed with happiness and grateful for this breakthrough that’s happening.

I was able to meet up with my little sister to give her some graduation gifts as she graduated from high school today. It was amazing to see her, especially on her graduation day. The because of Covid-19, I was able to see her walk on stage to get her diploma online. This is something I would not have been able to do if everything was normal. So, I lucked out. I am so proud of her and can’t wait to see her begin her journey as an adult.

Exuding good makes everything much easier and I’m embracing the good. I did have a few moments of weakness and I have the worst headache now because of it. Almost all aspects of my life are on the right course but the few loose ends, my missing pieces, they aren’t and don’t you know that hurts more than the good every once in a while. Then I remember that I’m not closing doors, I am only doing better for myself…slowly but surely. I for the most part had an excellent day.

I am loved, the broken lost person that started this, she is loved and this new person, man oh man, I am going to be loved as well! Maybe better, stronger and longer. People are watching even when you think they aren’t. It’s pretty neat when a victory for you feels like a victory for them as well. I posted a picture of myself today and my best friend said she is happy because of how happy I look. She knows what I am going through and she knows that not all days are filled with smiles so, like me, we take and celebrate the good days, it’s like a win in our book. I conquered the day.

Celebrate tonight. You can celebrate my sis’s graduation, you can celebrate that I was in an amazing mood for most of the day, I was exuding confidence. You can celebrate anything you did today including just getting through the day. Throw your hand up in victory, dance around and be silly, do something to make you feel like you won the battle of today.

Things will never be the same and I get that now….they are going to be so much better! Now I just have to figure out what “better” looks like.


Be Silly!

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