So tired

I have been having such a hard time sleeping lately. Staying up until late in the night. I didn’t fall asleep until 6am this morning. I just can’t seem to fall asleep. Then I got woken up a little after 9am and now I find myself sleepy. Oh, thank goodness.

With the new moon, I had been reading up on it being a time of unrest signifying the change and new opportunities, doors that will be opening and me having to make decisions. I think that has me a little restless. I can’t just stick my head in the sand like I am used to. It’s crazy scary. No one understands what I am experiencing. Instead what I say gets shrugged off and I’m told what I should do.

I am tired but, I am moving forward. Tomorrow is the start of a new week. I’m going to make the most of it. Well, if I can get some decent sleep because right now I feel like I’m getting sick.

Anyways, sleep awaits and I desperately need it. So, sorry to be short… but, I hope I have a lot more to share tomorrow.


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