Just Blah

I am currently sitting in the ER parking lot writing this in my phone. I had to bring my Uncle again, this time he is in so much pain we almost had to call 911 for the paramedics to come get him. I am beyond frustrated. They are giving him the run around and due to the Covid 19, I am stuck in the parking lot until he gets discharged or they decide to keep him. I’ve been here for three hours already.

As you can guess, I am not in the positive mood. I am praying everything will be okay. But, my grandma is stressing and I don’t need her recovery to take a turn. Ugh, I brought him the other day and they just sent him home. My family doesn’t go to the doctor so, when they say they have to go, you know it’s bad. I am tired of feeling helpless. I am glad that I can be the one they count on but, I can’t speak for them or on their behalf from the f÷$×ing parking lot.

As for me, I’ve had a lot of signs today. Messages that I know were meant for me. I learned some things that I wish I had earlier but, it’s better late than never and I hope I can share it. I’m ready to rid some shackles and be more open. When I open my mind, I can see things from an entirely different perspective and it’s invigorating, freeing. I don’t know why I allow my ignorance to cloud my judgement. I’m working on it though.

Well, they are letting my Uncle go again without doing a damn thing. So, I think this is where I end. Please say a prayer and send good vibes. I’m on the brink of a new level of clarity and I’m ecstatic.


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