Be Real

Have you had a chance to reflect? Have you taken a moment to take a look at your life and identify areas that need to be different? This is your time! It’s not easy, it’s not fun, and it may hurt like hell depending on how long it’s been since you’ve been real with yourself. We all do what we have to in order to make it through another day and come out “okay”. We begrudgingly go to a job we hate, we smile and nod to appease people we dislike, we spend money we don’t have to attempt to live the life we think we want, we look happy when we are struggling to get through the day, counting down the seconds until we can lay our head on the pillow and call it a night, praying that tomorrow will be better but knowing it’s going to be just the same.

Why continue to live that way? I know that you may be out of hope, think that God is punishing you or you don’t deserve better as you enviously look at other people’s lives and wish you were them. Well, STOP! The first think you have to do to make a difference is realize that the only person you should want to be is YOU, maybe a better version of you, but you. Then you need to choose to be happy, no matter how silly that sounds, be happy. Actually, smile right now. Smile from ear to ear by yourself, for yourself. YOU are the most important reason for you to smile. It will be the best thing you’ve ever done.

That’s it for now. Take these few things and apply them to your life….right now! If I were to give you a list of even 5 things, you would feel overwhelmed. Tiny steps. Remember, the tortoise wins the race, not the hare. I love turtles!! But, if you’re ready for more, I suggest you have a heart to heart with yourself. Identify the problem areas, not just superficial ones. This is where the BE REAL comes in to play. You can’t fix what you won’t admit is wrong. After that you have to determine the root of the problem, issue, situation, whatever it is. This is more time consuming. But, remember to smile for yourself during the process. Be happy that you are you and no one else.

Tiny steps, that’s what I take each day. I’m seeing the difference in myself, I notice how my attitude has changed, the way I see the world and how choosing happiness has a large affect on those around me. I am honest with myself and others, I won’t dance around what I am thinking or how I feel because then I am not being honest and that causes so many issues in the long run. I am able to clearly and concisely communicate when I am not editing my thoughts for the benefit of others. When I am my true self, I am a force to be reckoned with. My family is seeing and accepting the powerhouse that I am and allowing me to do what needs to be done without question. Not having to defend my decisions is a welcomed change from what I’m used to.

There is still so much we are dealing with but, I am choosing to remain positive and kind of forcing them to do the same. What a difference it makes though. I am not eluding what is real and I am keeping to just the facts, but, thinking positive and being delusional are two different things. If I believe good is coming, that I am worthy, then good will find it’s way to me. It works reversely with bad….because, let me tell you, I’ve welcomed negative into my life for too damn long. Each day is a blessing, each day I learn to love myself a little bit more, I get to find more little signs pointing me in the right direction, a stronger sense of purpose.

So, if I could give you any advice, do what you gotta do, put in the work, say what you gotta say, don’t leave anything on the table. Be real, with yourself and with others. This stay at home order isn’t going to last much longer – at least I hope. It would be a shame if you didn’t come out of it a better person. When might be the next time you have a chance to give you a little more time for yourself? We will all be back to the grind and if we don’t create good habits now, then we might go back to the mundane lives we were living before. Who wants that? I don’t.

I used to tell the franchisees that I trained that they needed to schedule time, put it on the calendar for office hours each week. They would say how they were slow in the beginning so they had time whenever for office work. I had to explain that business was going to pick up and if they didn’t get in the habit of establishing Monday from 8 am to 10am for office work each week or whatever they chose, they were never going to get it done when season picked up and things were going to fall through the cracks. Believe me, those that didn’t heed my warning were in a world of hurt months later…. don’t find yourself in the same predicament. Lives may be slow right now but it’s not going to always be this way. Make habits, set a schedule, it will be easier to stick to when we get to go back outside.

I want to run and dance and sing and swim. I want to chase my dreams, I want to make bold moves and leave it all on the table. I’m worthy betting on and I’m all in. This world isn’t ready for me, but, I’m coming anyway.

Today you are YOU, that is TRUER that true. There is NO ONE alive who is YOUER than YOU! ~ Dr. Seuss

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