Looking Ahead

My world is changing rapidly and my present no longer resembles my past. Every move I make is in the right direction. Fear of failure is not an option, success is the goal. Lessons are coming my way and I am finally open to learn and receive what’s meant for me.

My Nana is home and when her pain pills are working she thinks she can do everything she is used to doing. But, just because she can at the moment doesn’t mean she should be doing it. She needs to understand her limitations for the moment and allow her body to heal. I am taking that lesson and using that for my life. I want to do a million things and conquer the world today but, I need to understand all of the work I have already done and accept that this journey I am on is for the long term and not a race to the finish. I am allowing my soul to heal.

I can’t believe all of the good vibes coming my way, I can’t believe how happy I am able to be when things don’t go my way. I sit back and think of how I used to handle things and then thank God for the way in which I approach things now. The woman I am is the woman I always hoped I would be…. I was already there I was just too blind to see.

We are busy taking care of Nana as this is our opportunity to give back for everything she has done for us. I am honored and blessed to be able to do this for her. But, that doesn’t mean that the work I’m doing for me has halted. Taking care of my Nana is for me as well. It is good for my soul.

I am working on what I want to do, in the next few days I will begin taking steps towards starting everything up, I am making sure that I am doing my due diligence. I am not scare of failing but, if I don’t do the research then I am not giving myself a fair chance at my first try. I can’t wait to be able to share with everyone once all of my ducks are in a row.

The future looks bright. I am looking forward to some sleep tonight but, we will be getting up with Nana when needed through the night. I promised my girlies we would start working out and hold each other accountable, so, I need to do that as well. 10 more pounds and then we will set the next goal. I promise I am making sure to breathe, take in each moment and appreciate all God is doing in my life. Soon, someone that hasn’t interacted with me in a while won’t even recognize the person I’ve become. I’m okay with that. Stepping into who I am meant to be is frightening but, God’s got it.

Lookout world, I’m coming for you!

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