Get Mine

Honey played me this song a couple of months back and said it reminded him of me.

If you listen to the song, you may be like….say what? But, it’s because he knows that I can do anything if I would get out of my own way. He wanted me to realize who I am and to embrace this song. To say to others that try to tell me what to do or how to be that I will get mine and they can go get theirs. I’ll do things my way, how I see fit, because I am more than capable and they are free to do as they please. Man, every time he played this in the car for me, we would sing and I would feel such a sense of pride. Blessed for how he saw me and grateful because that’s how I wanted to be.

Today I thought of this song and played it over and over with a huge smile and this awesome feeling all over. I am there. I am getting mine and you can go get yours. I am facing my demons, I am doing the work and I am not allowing myself to go into the darkness. I have smiled and laughed today and felt good about myself. No one can take that from me.

I don’t have any wonderful words of wisdom at the moment. I am just sitting out on the deck looking out at all of the twinkling city lights and enjoying the evening air. It’s unbelievable where my head has been for so long, how little I thought of myself. Some alone time does wonders when you push yourself to remain positive, and learn from what’s happened instead of trying to push off the blame.

I have some amends to make, I’m starting with myself first…

I’ll get mine, you go get yours.


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