The Game of Life

Last night Jeremiah, Charlie (over Facetime) and I played Life. It’s one of Miah’s favorite games and Charlie had never played before. We had a great time, being silly, trying to keep Raiyhn off of the game (she wanted to play too) and of course playing. We all chose different paths but all reached the end pretty close together.

Jeremiah decided to go the college path, he got married and had a dog but chose the life path over the family path, and then he went the risky way to be the first to hit retirement. Charlie started the career path, got married and had a dog, decided to go to night school to get a better job, went the family path – ended up with 6 children and 3 houses, went the risky way and beat me to be the next in retirement. I chose the college path, got married and had a dog, chose the family path and ended up with 5 kids, I also chose the risky path and had to pay on the two red spaces and then ended up in retirement one spin after Charlie. We all took different paths, we won some challenge spins and lost some. Charlie is the only one that ended up with a house – three to be exact. The ladies ended up with babies but, also had higher paying jobs.

Now, I bet you’re thinking, what is this all about? Everyone’s life is like this. But, life is not a game. I HATE when people say that I am playing games. This is MY life, I would never play with my life. Life is a series of choices – we all have to make them. Some are as simple as what you should have for breakfast and others are harder like when to have children but, the choice is yours. As a people pleaser myself, I tend to listen to others way more than I should and it has had more of a negative effect than a positive. If I make the wrong choice based on someone else’s opinion, it’s still my fault for listening to them. I have to suffer the consequences, not the other person. Everyone has opinions, just keep in mind, their opinions are based off of their experiences or feelings and usually have nothing to do with you and your situation. Most are so caught up in their own lives that the scenario you represented to them, they’ve put themselves in it – like a character on a tv show. Is that really how you want to base a decision off of? You are not that person, you are not living their life. Do what’s right for you – follow your gut!

I have met people with malice in their heart. People I trusted, considered to be close to find out they were using their influence on our lives, to enhance theirs at the cost of mine. Some people don’t “change” they just get better at playing the game. I’m not a game player and I will not play. I have seen what’s going on and if others choose to listen instead of seeing the truth, well, then, I’ll pray for all of them. When a person is pure of heart, when their intentions are truly pure, they would never cause hurt to someone they love, they would at all costs avoid causing pain to someone they truly love, be it a partner, sibling, grandchild, friend, etc.

Life is not easy, but, it’s beautiful. All decisions matter, they close a door, sometimes a door that can never be reopened. I talk to Jeremiah about this a lot. That all of the decisions he makes now will indeed affect his future, I know he’s just a freshman in high school but, everything matters now. He has to think of the kind of person he wants to be and consider that in all decisions.

Have you thought about that? Are you happy with the person you are? The decisions you make? The things that you stick to your guns for… are they causing you to miss out on something you want? Something you love?

Do you run away instead of staying to fight? Do you lie? Do you stay the same instead of changing? Do you have criteria that if not met, you shut someone or something out? Are you choosing to be angry instead of happy? You have choices, you can choose to change your choice. Go against the grain, stand up for you and what you want, if you don’t, no one else will.

Life is not a game, it is full of choices though. Think about your next decision – it could be a life changer. The choice is yours.

Everybody got choices… (by E-40)

Hater? (nope), Wanna see a player get paper? (yup)
Traitor? (nope), Loyal to my soil, not a faker? (yup)
Sleep? (nope), Bust moves, hella active in the streets? (yup)
Scared of the dark? (nope)
Have money, have heart? (yup)
Narc? (nope), Shark? (yup)

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